P & T Insight™

Mock Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee Insight

One of our most powerful solutions is our mock P&T Committee, more accurately, a virtual P&T Committee–the most tested, unbiased, and reliable P&T Committee simulation you can find.

SM Health Communications LLC is one of the original developers of the mock P&T format and has participated in over 70 evaluations for biopharmaceutical products. P&T Insight™ is the closest you can get to a real P&T Committee evaluation.

Will your product be covered by health plans, insurers, pharmacy benefit managers, or other entities?

This is the most critical question for your product’s long-term success.

Will a competitive product enter the market, displacing yours from the formulary or necessitate the need for new contracting strategies?

SM Health Communications is the developer of P&T Insight, the first and most used mock P&T Committee evaluation. Allow us to use this invaluable outcomes measure to address your issues relating to payer market coverage and reimbursement.

We Are Experts in the Payer Markets and Clinical Policy

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