Marketing Consulting

If you have a great product for the health care marketplace but it doesn’t get noticed, you’ve come to the right place.

The right marketing plan comprises a combination of

  • advertising,
  • public relations,
  • and projection of expertise.

SM Health Communications LLC can put you on the right path to obtaining maximum exposure to the people you need to reach. With our access to the full spectrum of mailing lists and knowledge of the key access points, we can ensure that if the product fulfills a public or private need, the right potential buyers will see it. 

Press Release Development

Press release creation begins with the expression of the message and ends with optimal distribution. These services are available from SM Health Communications.

Advertisement Consulting

We can help determine what are the best outlets for managed care, long-term care, and general and specialty clinical markets.

Article Writing

A critical component of marketing, but one that is often ignored, is the opportunity to produce valuable articles that support the need for the health care product, provide credible and balanced discussions of the options available, and convince the reader that innovation is available today. SM Health Communications can craft the story behind the message, bylined by your executives, to help develop demand for your product or service.

We Are Experts in the Payer Markets and Clinical Policy

If your organization needs highly experienced payer markets writing and content, contact SM Health Communications today.