The Value of Denying Valid Medical Claims

I’ve written about aspects of the patient journey in the past, and one thorny difficulty is the problem of inappropriate claim denials. Note, I used the word “difficulty” here, not “challenge” because there is no need for diplomacy here. When someone is seriously ill...

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The Drug Industry Rightly Fears Judicial Overreach

I am appalled that this subject needs to be addressed. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) isn’t perfect, but it is still the global gold standard for evaluating medicines for safety and effectiveness. The FDA, though not quite recovered from the self-inflicted...

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A Simple Plan: Universal Catastrophic Care

In our previous post, we documented the difficulties and challenges in considering a “Medicare-for-all” scenario to extend coverage to virtually everyone. We also discussed the potential for implementation of a “public option,” which was first proposed with the...

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If Medicare for All Won’t Work, What Possibly Can?

Some election-year topics are hotter than others, and now that impeachment seems to be behind us, many expect that the topic of health care access will heat up. Not that this hasn’t gained plenty of press and airtime in the past few months. The Democratic presidential...

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