Marketing Research

We Are Payer Market Research Specialists

Pharma companies and medical communications agencies are asking their market researchers for not only flexibility in the way they receive their responses, but also creativity, to attract the participation needed.

That’s just one challenge for conducting market research. Others can be a 36- or 48-hour turnaround, not 6–8 weeks. It can mean hybrid projects, with both qualitative and quantitative results and produced in separate phases: Full-hour 1-to-1 telephone interviews, followed by group activities, and Web surveys. We’ve also utilized social media to create payer key opinion leader conversations around a key topic.

Gain a Greater Understanding of your Payer Markets

Our network of payer contacts includes the people who are voting members of the P&T Committee as well as those working out contract negotiations with manufacturers, including value-based contracts.

For 15 years, SM Health Communications has helped biopharmaceutical companies and medical communications agencies gain a greater understanding of the payer markets through market research.

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